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I'm Barbara Majeski, the creative force behind the "Curator of the Good Life." As a TV personality, I love dishing out tips and tricks to make every day a little brighter.

Beyond the screen, I'm a proud mother of three, calling Princeton, New Jersey, my home. Life threw me a curveball in 2015 with a divorce and Stage III cancer diagnosis. But in the midst of it all, I made a vow—to live bigger, better, and bolder if I came out on top. Now, I'm all about infusing every moment with true purpose, style, and adventure.

Welcome to my world, where the pursuit of the good life is an art, and I'm the curator guiding the way.

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Sharing my best cocktails, crafts, and curated gifts in front of the camera. As seen on TODAY, Fox and Friends, NY Live, Inside Edition, Good Day New York, and The Jam in Chicago.

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The "Baring It All" podcast is an unfiltered look into the lives of successful actors and entrepreneurs, revealing inspiring stories and invaluable lessons about resilience, personal growth, and embracing life's challenges.

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Welcome to the world of the Curator of the Good Life, where I invite you on a journey of purpose, style, and adventure. I share my insights, tips, and experiences that elevate the everyday into something extraordinary. 



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"Sabotage to Success" is a MUST-READ book that challenges conventional notions about aging, experience, and opportunity and provides actionable strategies for unlocking your full potential. 

It reframes these conventional limitations and empowers you to harness them to maximize your potential and achieve extraordinary success.

My powerful message has been showcased on major media outlets such as The TODAY Show, Good Day New York, and Fox & Friends.

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