A Letter to My Car Thieves

Dear Car Thieves,

Today my husband and I stepped outside to drive to my oncology appointment in NYC... but you made things a tad cumbersome by stealing our two cars.

So I called the police, booked a driver and filed a claim with my insurance. And after I compose this letter to you I won't give this experience another thought. 

So I hope you will indulged me with a moment of your time so I can express my forgiveness, my sincerest apologies and my gratitude.

I forgive you and your "friends" who were taught to believe this is the only way to get a new Mercedes. I'm sorry you never learned how to earn a luxury car. And thank you for reminding me of all the true luxuries, gifts and blessings in my life. 

Today you didn't steal as much from me as you stole from yourself. You robbed yourself of peace of mind, restful sleep and all the satisfaction that accomplishment brings. After you and your partners finish high five-ing over your fat score you will inevitably be weighted down with paranoia, fear and distrust. Compromising your sanity and freedom is a very steep price to pay for a vehicle or its parts. For this I am truly sorry.

My only wish for you is that someday you can find yourself on a path to experience the satisfaction of truly earning all the blessings life has to offer. And may you ultimately be gifted with the profound understanding that the best things in life are not things at all. 

Thank you for the reminder.

Barbara Majeski