Father’s Day Photo Shoot


My kids were jazzed up to go to a Bar Mitzvah service this morning and I wanted to seize this moment to capture the perfect family photo for Father's Day.

Here's how it rolled.

Let's begin with setting the mood..... The excitement level is beyond measure.


We are off to a fine start.  The female lead is setting the tone for this joyous experience.  Male #1 attempts to help.


Male #2  is saying something kind and encouraging to the female lead....


That didn't work let's forge forward...


They are all looking at the camera... progress.   


This will not make Grandpa's screensaver.  Let's move these fun times inside.  


Major progress.. there is a smile from the female talent.  The male talent has checked out.


F*it.  It's perfect!


The Majeski Family

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