Getting Back in the Game


Getting some "knucks" from my girl for getting back in the game.  

It's time... One year ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Surgery/chemo/recovery.... Rebirth.

When you are diagnosed with a late stage cancer you are given pause to reflect on your life and the things you are most proud. I've had some remarkable experiences, trials, tragedies and great achievements..all stemming from an immeasurable gift.  

The gift of purpose.

Now I'm taking my message of "The Power of Purpose" on the road because I believe it's one of the unifying human experiences. Our calling for a greater purpose. Throughout my life I had to overcome obstacles and difficult circumstances to achieve my dreams, improve my circumstances and provide for my family. I never gave up on my lofty dreams and limitless expectations because my greater calling was always talking to me... Giving me drive, determination and a relentless will to go beyond mediocrity and strive for excellence.  

"Growing Up Schwartz" by Barbara (Schwartz) Majeski

Going from 75k debt at 23 years old to being a globally recognized philanthropist, public speaker and building a multi-million dollar empire, the book, "Growing up Schwartz" is coming soon. 

"Growing up Schwartz" will be a memior reflecting on the "Power of Purpose" 

with the intent of giving light and purpose to every readers own experience. 

Because...we all have a higher purpose. 

"The only emancipation from difficult circumstances is to help others" -Carol R. 

And... "knucks" to all those out there who know, "Success is getting up one more time than you knocked down" -A quote from lot of successful people. 

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