Happy April 22nd


April 22, 2016 is a BIG day for the Earth, my twin brother and my Jewish friends.  Happy Passover, Happy Earth Day and Happy Birthday Ben! 

Today, as I celebrate my 43rd birthday and I count down to my final chemo treatments I want to give a shout out of THANKS…

Every act of kindness, every text, email, walk, card, call, prayer, hug, gift, meal and loving gesture has has been received and has helped keep me spiritually buoyant.  Cancer has wreaked havoc on my life and has shaken my family.  The love and support we have received has been priceless.  

You have taught me to never again question whether to reach out to others in times of strife, grief or  tragedy.   I will always do something, whether big or small… I will pay your acts of kindness forward and I will never forget your good will. 

This birthday I cannot ask for anything more because I have already been gifted everything. 

Thank you!

Much Love and Gratitude,

Barbara Majeski

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