If Winston Churchill were alive today I believe his quote would read,

 “We make a lifestyle by what we get.  But we make a life by what we give”. 

 A few weeks ago, I shared one of those annoying ambiguous posts with an even more irritating cryptic text underneath.  It’s was a picture of me with a film crew on an elaborate set. “Making Lemonade” was captioned with a delightful lemon emoji.  So annoying.  I cringe. 

Clearly a cry for attention.  We all know it said, “Look at me, being amazing, doing amazing fabulous things! With a hint of a hidden storm”. Oiy. Please. Stop.     

So naturally my “epically annoying needy post” prompted people to ask what I was doing. 

My response was “I’m re-building my life”. 

Most friends replied with enthusiasm, “So exciting!”, “OMG-you go girl” or “Don't forget us when you are bigtime”, but not everyone met me with the kumbaya that I was soliciting. 

One friend retorted “You have a great life”.  Not really knowing what was going on in my world, she assumed based on my social media posts that I had a really great life.  And who could blame her?  For every post and picture was more fabulous than the next.  #Lovethebeachlife #skiingiseverything #travelingisheaven.  I fall just short of saying, “Look at my perfect life and perfect kids and my perfect perfect”. So, please stab me right now. She was right to assume I had it all but what I was sharing was a lifestyle not my life.

If there was a behind the scenes post, the hashtag would be #hotmessexpress.  As the lemons in my lemonade were pretty damn sour.   Other than my reference to “making lemonade” there was no disclosure about the crime scene taking place outside that photograph.  

I was willing to post the fabulous comeback but I was not willing to post what I was coming back from. 

So I have been thinking a lot about what my digital legacy is saying. 

If “We make a lifestyle by what we get.  But we make a life by what we give” then what I am I “giving” with this digital footprint? 

The answer was simple. I was giving people a “what” but not a “how” or a “why”.  It has been a one-dimensional dog and pony show.  And I’m no longer cool with that.  Yes, I live a pretty exceptional lifestyle but how I got here and why I do the things I do….is what I am most proud. 

So this next chapter… this “making lemonade”, this “second act” is about sharing my the back of the house stuff that makes up the highlight reel.  It's about disclosing the lemons and sharing the lemonade.  Because right now... I'm churning some seriously sour lemons into an amazing cocktail and I'm eager to share it all.  

This is my second act and I'm sharing it with sincere transparency, authenticity, and purpose.  I'm aspiring to use this blog as a three dimensional platform that celebrates the good life (lifestyle), the rise to living it (experience), and the battles we wage in between (mindset and alignment with purpose) 

I've lived the American dream of rags to riches, survived cancer, entertained and traveled like a rock star and I have been an outspoken champion for multiple philanthropies.  But now I'm starting over, rebuilding my life and kick starting a whole new career. And I'm taking you along for the ride.  

With all of this, I hope to inspire others to live outside their comfort zone, seek ways to serve humanity and live their best life. 

Cheers to Making Lemonade!

originally posted: July 2018

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