What's My Name Again?

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"Are you going back to Schwartz?” The question has been posed.  

Barbara Schwartz. Is that me? Am I her?

That is my maiden name. My unmarried, childless, single, somebody long ago name.  

So I’ve taken a pause to marinate over this personal question. Recently a friend of mine remarried, dropped her ex-husbands name and reclaimed her maiden name. I loved her reasons and it made sense for her. So, it got me thinking and I’m not going to lie, it is kind of exciting to ask yourself, “What’s my name going to be”? How often do you really get to ponder that one in a lifetime?  

I’ve been Barbara Majeski for 15 years. I’m good at it. But is it me? Am I her?  

So here’s where I am at... I’ll always be a Schwartz but I’m no longer, Barbara Schwartz. And I’m not going back. I’m moving forward.

My kids, they are all Majeski’s. And so for now, I’m Ms. Barbara Majeski, no longer a “Mrs.” and I’m good with that.   

And who I am tomorrow remains to be seen.  

But I’m full of optimism and belief that the best lies ahead.  

And hopeful that I’ll be monogramming with a new set of initials someday.