The Story Behind Audrey


“Women We Admire Day” is an annual event at my daughters’ school. Every year the girls pick a woman in any field that has been a change maker, trail blazer and everything in between. Anyone from Mia Hamm, Sally Ride to Florence Nightingale can be spotted parading the halls. Girls from 4 years old and up are researching their stories, crafting story boards and plotting their magical reincarnation of their female inspiration. After the girls briefly introduce themselves on a grand stage the parents are invited to the “talking museum” so the girls can talk about their person. As a woman and as a mom this day is everything as it is priceless for these young girls to be empowered with these real stories that message that anything is possible regardless of age, race or gender. Every year I am always recharged with the fuel that if you believe it - you can achieve it. I can only imagine what this impact has on these young girls. Grateful for this day with my girl. Grateful for her school for this experience. Grateful for all these brave, bold women who blazed trails for the next generation. My heart is full. ❤️