How to Extend Your Outdoor Living in the Winter Months

Outdoor Living I Barbara Majeski

With social distancing guidelines still in place spending time outdoors is a great way to still visit with friends and neighbors, and fresh air is good for the soul. With a few key purchases from Marshall’s, Lowe’s, and Amazon I was able to create an outdoor oasis in an afternoon. Below are some tips to make sure that your outdoor space is cozy and inviting.

Tip # 1: Focus on a Heat Source

During the cooler weather you will definitely need a heat source to spend long periods of time outdoors. Heat lamps or a fire pit are key to an enjoyable time with friends. My fire pit is only $79 from Lowe’s and makes a great central heat source for our gathering— AND is the perfect size to roast marshmallows for s’mores!

If you’re not able to have a fire outside, I love the $70 Portable Buddy that utilizes a propane tank. You still get the warmth without the potential safety issues of a real fire.

Tip #2: Layers are Key

I love my rockers, by they can feel cold and hard without some softness. I popped over to Marshall’s to pick up some baskets, blankets, and pillows to provide some comfort for my guests. You can look for outdoor pillows, but I purchased regular pillows as I pull them inside after a get-together.

Tip #3: Set up Drink and Food Stations

It’s not just about staying warm on the outside, but keeping warm on the inside. My guests always love to make s’mores, make hot chocolate, and to enjoy an adult beverage or two. I like to set up a self serve bar and treat stations to keep it casual and focus on the conversation.

I always try to have food and drink options for guests young and old so that everyone feels welcome.

With a little planning and utilizing our outdoor spaces social gatherings are #notcanceled this year. So grab some friends and neighbors and enjoy safe get togethers outside.

XO, Barbara

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