Back to Work Essentials

Going back into the office can be a little nerve-wrecking. I have found some great items to help you feel safe while also still feeling like yourself, by adding some style and flare to the new normal of masks and sanitary materials.

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Personal Portable UV Light - $59.99

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This is a great way to kill bacteria on surfaces. Computers keyboards, the mouse,your phone, any surfaces! Use this portable UV light to get the job done.

You can buy them here:

Mask Case- 6 pack for $22.99

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Don’t let your mask lay loose in your purse! Buy an adorable mask case from - the perfect way to make sure your mask stays clean and they’re also a great accessory!

Face Shield / Mask $13.99

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If you work a job where you are talking to customers or having a lot of face to face interaction - then this is the mask for you! These masks allow your customers to see your smile and they don’t fog up either! Buy them here:

Drinking Masks - $9.35

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Masks with a drinking hole are great for kids and adults! The perfect way to stay safe while at a restaurant. You can buy them here:;frs=1amp;crt=1

Spray hand sanitizer - $12.00

Not only is this in a sleek container and handheld, but using a spay hand sanitizer saves you from having sticky hands. You can buy them here:

No Touch Door Opener - $12.99

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this tool is perfect for going back into the office especially if you work in a large building with elevators. Avoid cross contamination by using this to touch the key pads, press elevator buttons, and it can even turn the door handle for you without you having to touch it! You can buy them here:

Assuage Travel Seat Protector - $12.99 - $24.99

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The Assuage travel seat protector is essential for the commute back to work! Whether you’re taking the train, bus, or a plane- these seat protectors come in reusable and recyclable and they will protect you from any germs that live on public seats. You can buy them here:

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