Cozy up at Home with My Favorite Holiday Gifts

This year more than ever it’s important to treat yourself and loved ones with gifts that nurture both the body and the soul. I’m sharing my favorite gift items that will make staying home feel like a vacation through the holidays and beyond. It’s not too late to add these to your gift list— your friends and family will be glad that you did!

One of my very favorite items to give is the Mozy. This super chic wrap has a durable outer shell that blocks water and wind while keeping you warm inside. It’s engineered to keep you mobile and cozy while doing the things you love.

The sleek design fastens around your waist leaving your hands free. It’s ideal for sporting events as you can hop up and cheer without it falling to the ground. It’s also great for fishing and camping, or just lounging in your back yard with friends. The Mozy is a great gift idea for the man or woman on your list this year! You guys know I love supporting small businesses, and this Westport, CT based company is a must on your gift list. AND— what’s even better is that you can use my CODE: COZYBARB20 for 20% off sitewide through December.

While the Mozy keeps you warm outside, I have another great gift item that will keep you warm inside! The Comma weighted faux fur blanket is luxury at it’s best. Comma sells products that really help you create a home as a place for sanctuary, peace, and calm.

I love to support companies that give back, and Comma understands that not every person has a home. 10% of their sales goes to local organizations that help the homeless. Purchasing with a purpose is always a good thing, and supporting Comma means you’re supporting your local communities as well.

My last three gifts picks are for the beauty, fashionista, and foodie on your list. Sprekenhus is a Norwegian skincare line that really helps my skin stay hydrated during the winter months. Argan oil is at the basis of their luxurious skincare products along with vitamins and antioxidants. My personal faves are the Face Cream and the Midnight Serum.

I recently had the honor of trying on all of new introductions from Peach, and hands down the Nina Leggings are worth their weight in gold! I’ve been a fan of their yoga pants for awhile, but they also offer super comfy tops and jackets to make you look chic in your everyday activities.

If you’ve got a foodie on your list this year, a bottle of your favorite spirit along with a printed recipe makes a great gift. If you’ve been following my Friday Cocktail feature, you know that I love a good rimmed glass! AND— including a “how to” recipe with your bottle of liquor makes your gift all the more special. Below I’m sharing my favorite recipe for a Hot Apple Cider using Sagamore Whiskey.

Sagamore Spiced Cider l Barbara Majeski 3.jpg

One of my absolute favorite cocktails to enjoy during the fall and winter is a Spiked Hot Cider. I make mine in a crockpot, and it makes enough for a crowd to enjoy.

Spiked Hot Cider Ingredients:

1/2 c. Honey + more for rim of glass

1/2 g. Apple Cider

Graham Crackers, crushed

Sagamore Whiskey

Dip the rim of your glass in honey and roll in crushed graham crackers. Fill each glass with 2 parts cider mixture and 1 part Sagamore Whiskey. Garnish with a whole cinnamon stick.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends!

XO, Barbara

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