Five Favorites for Conscious Traveling

I am having major wanderlust as I’ve really missed traveling this year. I’ve been skiing with my kids since the day they qualified for skis. Now with the Covid19 vaccine successfully rolling out across the country I’m eager to get back into gear for a winter ski vacation. I’m looking ahead and planning a safe amp; epic fun trip to snowy Colorado with Cuvee in March. I’ll be sharing more of that soon, and in the meantime I’ve pulled together my must-haves if you’re planning an upcoming trip.

Staying safe and sanitation is of utmost importance whenever I travel— especially right now. You guys know that I find, test, and share my favorites, and I’ve found five essentials that will help you feel safe, comfortable, and stylish when you travel this season and beyond.

Travel Essential #1: Don’t Sit in My Seat!

Assuage Travel Covers are a must for your Uber, plane, or shuttle ride. They make washable and disposable seat covers that offer a sanitized surface for your entire seat. The washable covers come in three different colors and are so lightweight. The single use ones below are so easy to open and quickly place over your seat for the Uber ride to the airport. The best part?? The seat cover and packaging are 100% recyclable.


Travel Essential #2: Keep Your Skin Hydrated

I’ve recently discovered the Norwegian skincare brand, Sprekenhus. They use the highest quality ingredients and I love that they offer a Travel Kit. It contains all of my favorites in small, travel sized containers. Who has room for full sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion?? Sprekenhus has you covered— and their packaging is so luxurious and beautiful. AND— their hand cream is used on repeat after I use any kind of hand sanitizer. The alcohol in sanitizers can be so dryng to my hands, and Sprekenhus keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day.


Travel Essential #3: Bag it!

Keeping organized with lots of little pieces and parts can be tough when traveling— especially all of my tech. Bag All (featured below) makes these oh so cute bags to keep your smaller items organized— from your Ipad and cords, to your shoes and undies. They have a bag for EVERYTHING and these will help you sort clean from used, and everything in between.

Travel Essential #4: Mask it!


Last year I discovered fun and whimsical cotton face masks from Locked Down Designs (above). This Philadelphia based company initially started during the pandemic as a way to give back to front-line heroes. Fast forward and now this burgeoning business stocks over 100 different fabrics to meet every style and need. Their fabrics are pretty, breathable, and they even make sizes small enough for my kids’ faces.

Travel Essential #5: Tote Your Gear in Style!

Livening up the Holidays I GDNY I Barbara Majeski 112.jpg

Skiing requires lugging sooo much gear. One of the best investments I made as in a tote that holds my boots, helmet, gloves, goggles, and most importantly— my snacks and water bottle!!

Oliver Thomas makes all sorts of backpacks for tennis, skiing, and equestrian sports to hold all of your heavy gear. The straps are super sturdy, and the quilted detailing is uber chic.

If you’re planning on doing any traveling in the coming months, it’s important to pack essentials that help you stay safe throughout your trip. Here’s to the open skies, open roads, and moving about safely with our loved ones. Bon Voyage!

XO, Barbara

This is a sponsored post; however, opinions are my own.

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