Furniture, Fire and Food: Entertaining Outside

As temperatures drop check out these “must haves” to ensure that you will be able to extend outdoor living this holiday season! “Furniture, Food and Fire” with Good Day New York.

Being WARM is the number one priority when it comes to extending outdoor living this holiday season. Here are some great tips to stay toasty and safe all winter long.

Let’s jump into some of the essentials!

Maintaining outdoor furniture can be such a challenge, but Outer eliminates that completely by building sturdy chairs and couches with outdoor-friendly covers. No longer will you have to sit on wet cushions or cold wicker or iron seats, now you have an outdoor furniture set that is both sophisticated and sensible. If you are looking to make an investment, this is at the top of my suggestion list. I promise, you will want to use it year-round.

Next necessity is a fire pit. Every outdoor hosting setup needs a solid fire pit, and if you want to step up your fire pit game, I recommend checking out Elementi. They are a group of artists that make beautiful, elegant outdoor fire pits and outdoor landscaping features. No matter what look you want or space you have available, Elementi will be able to make you something perfect. I got my own fire pit last year and have been obsessed ever since. They are sleek and stylish and I love having it in my backyard.

Sometimes a little extra warmth is needed, and with the Mozy, you can stay toasty all night long. The Mozy is a wearable blanket combining two key components: mobility and coziness. Perfect, right? Everyone is able to remain warm and keep their distance with these personal blankets, allowing all events to go on schedule despite the weather. Mozy even has cute patches that you can add to personalize your blankets!

To top off any outdoor gathering though, be sure to stop at Marshall’s to grab a basket of blankets. You can never go wrong with too many blankets, and this cute addition will brighten up any party with fun colors and patterns. It truly is the perfect way to decorate any outdoor space for the holidays.

On top of that, I have found THE warmest and coziest sweater out there. It’s the G.I.L.I. Got It Love It Oversized Plush Sherpa Lounger Hoodie from Jill Martin. She has perfected loungewear for the indoors and the outdoors and it is a must have addition to your collection this winter. It feels like you are wearing your favorite blanket, but in a chic, fashionable way. I cannot recommend this Sherpa Hoodie more! It’s selling out fast though, so be sure to check it out on QVC and buy yours today. They come in a huge range of colors, patterns and sizes. I promise you, once you have it, you will never want to take it off and everyone in your family will want one for themselves.

Now that we are warm on the outside, time to focus on staying warm on the inside with some tasty food and drinks!

The number one necessity this holiday season is the Big Green Egg. Whether you’re cooking some burgers, vegetables or even an entire turkey, the Big Green Egg has you covered. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit whatever you are looking for. There is no going wrong when you are cooking with a Big Green Egg. For this upcoming holiday season, you can cook, bake, roast and even smoke your turkey. The Big Green Egg is absolutely worth the investment and will serve you and your family for decades. Be sure to check out The Buxton Complex’s website to learn more about getting a Big Green Egg locally.

We all know the rage right now is beautifully curated charcuterie boards, but how can you serve this delicious delicacy while also being socially distant and safe? TheOtterboard, a local company here in Princeton, solves this problem by making personal sized charcuterie boards for any occasion. They use only the best meats, cheeses, nuts and fruits to make hand-crafted artisan boards. Each charcuterie board is made personally for you and can be customized with your personal preferences. TheOtterboard has you covered this holiday season with any type of spread for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or even all three!

Up first for the drinks is my new local favorite bourbon from Johnny Drinks. Located in North Jersey, this family-made bourbon is so good, and perfect for any cocktail. I recommend this delicious Hot Apple Cider Bourbon. Here’s the recipe below and be sure to check out my TikTok where I make the drink!

  • Heat up some apple cider in a pan on the stove

  • Smoke the glass by lighting a cinnamon stick and letting it sit under the glass

  • Dip the rim of the glass in honey and then immediately dip into a mixture of graham cracker crumbs, cinnamon and sugar

  • Pour 1.5 oz of Johnny Drinks Bourbon (or honestly however much you want!) into your glass

  • Top it off with the hot apple cider and throw in a cinnamon stick as a stirrer

You literally cannot go wrong with this signature holiday cocktail. Be sure to check out Johnny Drinks on Instagram, @smokedaglass, and buy their Bourbon Gift Set for the holidays this year.

Sierra Nevada just launched an exciting new beer called Dankful IPA, whose mission is to help fight food insecurity. Normally, 10% of households across the country face some sort of food insecurity, but since lockdown in March, that number has jumped to 23%. Sierra Nevada has partnered with local non-profits in cities around the US to do their part this holiday season to fight this crisis. They have committed to donating a minimum of $1,000,000 this year alone. The holiday season is always about giving back, but this year is more important than ever. Be sure to buy Dankful IPA this winter to support this great cause and help fight food insecurity across the United States.

It’s always important to have some hot chocolate, and nothing spices up the traditional drink like a fun and festive Hot Chocolate Bar. Be sure to add some fun flavors and toppings like marshmallows and peppermint sticks to liven up this favorite holiday beverage. This cute stand from HomeGoods is the perfect way to display all your favorite toppings for you and your family this winter.



Last, but not least, every outdoor gathering must end with s’mores. No matter where you live, out in the country, in the suburbs, or in the middle of the city, you have to have one of these kits from CityBonfires. Nothing warms the soul like a good, old-fashioned s’mores and now everyone can enjoy no matter their set up. This small business was started by two dads in Maryland who lost their job due to covid-19. Continue to do your part and support small, local and environmentally friendly businesses!

XO, Barbara

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