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Summer is the best time of year. The sun hitting your face, the sand in-between your toes and the family vacations that bring forth so many memories. But let's face it, traveling can be a drag and gets so stressful at times, especially when it comes to packing! You are trying to fit everything into a small space while being as organized as possible. Then you are trying to figure out how you are going to carry your little one with full hands. We have all been there, right? 

Well, look no further, I've put together a list of some of my favorite hacks when it comes to traveling this season. It's all about the little things that makes traveling so enjoyable. 

The first thing to consider is your luggage. There is nothing worse than standing at the conveyor belt waiting for your luggage to arrive. I am sure we have all been the last man standing a time or two. I have tried every bag out there and my number one carry on is the AWAY Bigger Carry-On. This lightweight bag was truly designed with thoughtful features that makes traveling seamless. It is super lightweight and with its 360° spinner wheels it provides a smooth ride in all directions. AWAY truly thought of everything when designing this bag. It features everything from an optional removable battery to keep any USB device charged to a built-in laundry bag that separates dirty clothes from clean. AWAY also added a built-in, airport security-approved combination lock to keep everything in. Priced at just $295 this is a must have!

Need a place to put your sun hat while traveling so it doesn’t get crushed? Well, Lindsay Albanese has the perfect solution for you! TOPTOTE offers a high-powered magnet that secures your hat while on the go. Attach your TOPTOTE to your suitcase and off you go in style. Starting at $48 with vegan leather it is a must have for the summer!

Keeping the inside of your bag neat and organized is so important! Packing cubes are a must have. I use them for clothes, toiletries, underwear or other stuff to optimize the suitcase and prevent my clothes from getting wrinkled. The unpacking process is made easy with these popular products by simply putting your cubes right in the closet when arriving at the hotel. Thanks to the mesh fabric, you can easily see what’s packed inside every cube and it allows fresh air to get in which results in your clothes staying fresh. Two of my favorite packing cubes are:
• AWAY – The Insider Packing Cubes, Set of Four - Available in a range of colors to match or coordinate with Away polycarbonate suitcases. Starting at $45
• Bag-All – Packing Cubes - Set of Three Starting at $55

Now, let’s talk toiletries! This is where everyone seems to get into a jam! Don’t get me wrong, I love my shampoo, conditioner and blow dryer, but every hotel offers these items and I always take advantage of them. No need to add that to your list of toiletries to remember. Then we have all of the serum’s, lotions, and face wash. I am going to share the ultimate hack with you! Use a contact lens case or vitamin case for all of your products. No full sizes over here, take only what you need. What I love about the contact lens case is that you can snap off the one side which allows the otherside to become a mini spoon to only remove what you need! So simple and genius!

I love:
Color Contact Lens Barrel Cases – Set of 3, Priced at 11.99

8 Compartments Travel Pill Organizer Moisture Proof Small Pill Box for Pocket Purse Daily Pill Case Portable Medicine Vitamin Holder Container – Set of 3, Priced at $9.97

Who doesn’t love a good crossbody? Leave your George Castanza wallet behind and grab yourself the bag-all Nolita Crossbody Tote. Starting at just $35 this makes it a very affordable option. I am absolutely obsessed with this crossbody. This is the perfect tote bag for traveling. Its large size makes it ideal for everything from your wallet to an extra set of clothes. It’s slightly padded shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry around all day. It can also be carried in-hand with two smaller handles as well. The tote bag has two ribbons that can be closed with a simple bow allowing you to easily access your documents when needed. I love the included bag-all interior pocket that will fit everything from your phone, earbuds, cards, and all other stuff you need right at your fingertips. This is the perfect time to clean out your wallet, just like you clean your house before company! I suggest only bringing: two credit cards, health insurance card, one bank card and cash. Take pictures of your cards in case they ever go missing. It is a MUCH easier process.

Next up is HYDRATION! You have to stay hydrated while traveling. I know it is hard to get water down sometimes! Add a little Sparkle to your water and you will be finished with the bottle in no time! You will be looking for more! I use Sparkle Skin Boost or Sparkle Skin Boost Plus everyday! Not only does it keep me hydrated, but it keeps my skin, hair and nails on point as well. Sparkle is packed with a collagen that is absorbed into your blood stream and therefore you experience all of these benefits! It also has Vitamin C which is critical for the absorption of collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid which helps with improving moisture/hydration of your skin. Don’t leave the house without it! They offer it in containers or of course small packs that are easy to store while traveling. Use code MAJESKI20 and receive 20% off your total purchase today! 

Let’s end with saving TIME and MONEY! Who doesn’t love to save a few bucks? Have you checked your credit card to see if it offers miles for traveling? Almost every credit card out there offers some sort of perk! I am a fan of American Express. They are offer redeemable points for traveling. Don’t leave money on the table! I always carry a photocopy of my passport. I have created a file on my phone and labeled it “important documents”. If anything, every happens with one of the documents while traveling you have it at your fingertips. 

Lastly, download the airlines app! Almost every airline out there offers an app today. Get alerts on delays, gate changes and baggage claim. Nobody wants to be sitting at the airport for hours on end! I also suggest investing in TSA, Global Access or Clear to help you jump the lines. When traveling with a little one especially, it is always nice to be able to go ahead of the line. This is one of those wise investments.

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