Valentine's Day

Although we may still be in lockdown, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with loved ones, either old or new. Whether you have been married for years or were one of the lucky ones to get into a quarantine relationship, I’ve got you covered with fun, at home activities to make the day as special as possible!

Valentine’s Day dates can feel like a lot of pressure, especially for new relationships. I have the best activity if you are feeling a little uncertain leading up to the big day. The Date Deck from Best Self is the perfect game to play to get to know each other a little better. With 50 conversation starters, you will be beyond the small talk and having more intimate conversations before you know it. What’s fun about the Date Deck though is that there is always more to learn about your significant other! Even if you have been dating for a while, or even married with kids, I think you will be surprised what you learn about each other through these engaging conversations. I highly recommend the Date Deck for your at home, or even over Zoom, Valentine’s Day date this year!

Who misses traveling? It can’t just be me! As things continue to progress, it’s time to start looking ahead and manifest some unforgettable trips in the future. I have three awesome suggestions of companies to help get you back in the traveling mindset, whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family, or a lover of luxury. When making your own vision board, think about who you are and what you are looking for. I recommend checking out for all things adventure. They have everything from hiking to walking to biking to active cruises and tours. If you are looking for a high adrenaline adventure after months in your house, check out their website for the perfect trip for your desire. If you prefer to sleep in beautiful villas overlooking gorgeous vistas, visit for the most luxurious trips throughout parts of Europe and Africa, and in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the United States. There’s nothing more special though than some quality family time, and like always, Disney has you covered. Plan your next family vacation to one of Disney’s extravagant parks or on their cruise line. You can’t go wrong and I know your family will love it! For all the best money saving traveling tips, be sure to read The Points Guy.

What’s more romantic than a home cooked meal? How about a decadent dinner from a cuisine of your choosing? With a professional, personal chef walking you through each step? I don’t think it can get much better. Since we can’t go to restaurants as easily this year, maybe consider bringing the experience home this year. Cuiline is an amazing company that does just that. On their website you can sift through cuisines from around the world from Greek to Irish and from Thai to Peruvian. By signing up for one of their Cooking Classes, you set a date to cook one-on-one with a local to that cuisine chef. You are also sent all the ingredients, pre-measured, that you will need for the evening. During your scheduled time, your chef will walk you through the recipe and make the dishes right there with you over Zoom. And then voila! You have a restaurant quality, romantic dinner right in your home.

Who else has the HARDEST time shopping for that special man in your life? Man Crate takes away that pressure of finding the perfect gift by making a personalized gift set just for him. Does he live for coffee, or crave the outdoors? Is he a jerky addict? Does he love sports and grilling season? If yes to any of that, and more, be sure to check out Man Crate to find the perfect crate that shows him just how much you care.

We know Valentine’s Day is all chocolates and flowers, but how about mixing up our sweet treats a little this year, while also supporting a great cause. Macarons on a Mission is a local macaron baker who specializes in personalized macarons and number cakes. What really puts her over the top is that she donates her net proceeds. Right now, her donations are going directly to the Miracle League of Mercer County, New Jersey, which is a non-profit organization that provides children with disabilities the opportunity to play in a baseball league that celebrates their spirit in a friendly way. Be sure to check out Macarons on a Mission on their website and their Instagram page to put in your orders today!

We have all been around each more than ever before and so sometimes the best gift is just a little piece and quiet! This year invest in a pair of noise canceling earbuds from Quieton. I promise, a full night of uninterrupted sleep is the perfect solution to anything. Pair the earbuds with Quieton’s adjustable 3D contoured Sleep Mask for an unforgettable sleep. On top of that, these noise canceling earbuds are perfect for when you really need to buckle down and focus while working from home, but your family is on three different zoom calls and classes around the house. This was an investment that I should have made sooner!

I think we are all in need of some positive energy waves, and with My Metaphysical Maven, we are all capable of finding just that. Magdalena has been the practice of using crystals and stones for healing for years now. She has compiled all her knowledge and experiences and wants to share it with us. She carries crystals of all sizes and purposes, including beautiful pieces of jewelry. Be sure to check out her Instagram and follow her on TikTok to follow her tips for living a more fulfilling life and to buy her stones, bracelets, and necklaces.

Since we are stuck at home for all of these major celebrations, why not decorate for these occasions? Meri Meri has the cutest decorations for every event from cute paper plates, to tableware, to stickers, and pins. My new favorite is their cupcake decoration kits that are so adorable and easy to use. Baking the cupcakes and decorating them with my kids was so much fun and I can’t wait to continue to use Meri Meri as my go-to for decor for all of my events!

Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids? I recommend checking out the Stepping Stones Casting Kit. Nothing is more fun than making something that will last forever. Spend an afternoon designing and decorating a casting stone. You can keep it in your house or plant it in your backyard. Make it a fun family tradition and continue to make new stones each year to build a path! For Valentine’s Day, make a heart shaped stone and write little love messages to each other! Don’t forget to add the year on your stone to keep track of all the fun family memories.

xo, Barbara

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