USTA Foundation 2017



The USTA Foundation hosted a spectacular fundraiser at the US Open Tennis Championships on Augst 31, 2016. The evening was hosted by Alec Baldwin and Debra Messing. Award winner singer, Jewel charmed the audience with an amazing performance to kick off the festivities. Hollywood celebrities such as Mike and Kiki Tyson, Vera Wang, Anna Wintor and Ryan Sehert were also generous supporters. Because of events like this, the USTA has been able to award more than $19 million in grants and scholarships to more than 270 programs, benefitting thousands of children and adults through tennis, education and health curricula.

The USTA Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for under-resourced youth, military heroes and individuals with disabilities. The mission is to bring tennis and education together. 

According to the USTA, studies have shown that youth who play tennis are healthier and less prone to risky behaviors like binge drinking and cigarette smoking. They are also less likely to be overweight or at-risk for being overweight. That is why events like the USTA Foundation Opening Night Gala are so crucial, as they bring awareness to these issues, and the funding needed to rectify them.

For more information on this organization and to get involved, visit Every child deserves the best chance possible in life, and the USTA is here to ensure that.

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