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In 2005 when YouTube first came out it was a dating site. There tagline was “Tune in And Hook Up.” They were doing so bad they posted an ad on Craigs List asking people to post a video for $20. That didn’t work out!

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Kids have been playing with Play-Doh for generations but did you know it was originally meant to be a cleaning tool?

Play-Doh was originally invented to clean soot off of wall paper. Once wallpaper became vinyl they had to find another use for Play-Doh and that’s when it became a toy.

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Bubble wrap had a strange origin as well. It was originally invented in the 1950s as wallpaper, and when it didn’t take traction, it found its purpose packaging the first computer.

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All sodas are not created equal. We placed Diet Coke and Coke into a tub of water, and the Coke sunk to the bottom while the Diet Coke can floated on top. The can of Coke sinks because of its sugar content, which makes it denser than water.

Barbara Majeski