Barbara Majeski is dedicated to living with purpose and approaching all aspects of living confidentiality; after recovering from her divorce and Stage III cancer, the “Curator of the Good Life” was born.

Barbara is a TV personality that loves sharing her tips and tricks. She has frequently appeared on The TODAY Show, Good Day NY, New York Live, and the Nick Cannon Show. Barbara is also a mother of three and resides in Princeton, New Jersey.

In 2015 Barbara entered a divorce and was handed a diagnosis with Stage III cancer. During treatment, she vowed that if she beat cancer and got another shot at life, she would live bigger, better, and bolder with true purpose, meaning, and intent.

The three words that best describe Barbara are Purpose, Style, and Adventure.



The purpose is about living your life with a true sense. Don’t just go through life thinking about taking that big step; grab it and end on a true adventure. You cannot change the past, but you can take the lessons you have learned and grow toward your best self.

Being your best self is not solely about doing for yourself; it is about helping others find their purpose.


Style has always been important to Barbara; it is not about the brands you wear but how you carry yourself! She believes everyone is here for a purpose, and you must carry yourself confidently.

Barbara is all about swiping left on your fears and self-doubt and swiping to the right for your future. People will judge you, so give them something to judge you about! Barbara believes you need to live outside your comfort zone, take your style and purpose, and rock it!


Adventure is how Barbara has always gone through life and how she teaches her children to live every day! Your life is one big adventure; you must take your style and purpose and go on with your adventure. Live your best life, have no regrets, and find gratitude for the lessons you have learned.

Barbara has taken her life lessons and created the 14-Day Accountability plan that sets the groundwork for crushing lofty goals and teaches consistency, habits, and rituals that will last a lifetime.

Once you take that first step and create real change, you will begin living your life.

Interested in collaborating with Barbara?

Barbara regularly shares content on her social media channels. She works with national and local brands to find, test, and share high-quality products with her community. 

Looking for a keynote speaker for your next event? Barbara’s captivating real-life stories are interwoven with messages of hope, purpose, and love. She shares her innate drive from a humble childhood and a teenage vow she made to her brother with special needs. Her grit, humor, and a sense of purpose will inspire you to reframe the story of your own life and seek to find your own ”secret sauce” for living a great one.

Connect with me @barbaramajeski