Season1, Episode 2: Turning a Passion For Dance Into a Global Empire

Andrea Rogers walks us through the events in her life that led her to start XTEND, while sharing advice from her personal experiences along the way. This episode peels back the curtain to give you the backstory and the grit behind it all. We often see people’s social media pages, but we don’t see the mindset that it took to get there. 

Andrea explains how she was in her second year of college when she had the opportunity to audition for Disney. Her hard work showed during the audition process, landing her the job. She left school, and moved to Toronto to start her new career. Working for Disney was an incredible experience, filled with education, culture, and life lessons. After Disney, Andrea moved to Florida, which is where she first combined pilates with movement. This is where XTEND was born.

In This Episode:
  • [4:29] Meet Andrea Rogers & what is XTEND
  • [8:32] Learn about her experience working for Disney and how leveling up landed her the job
  • [14:42] After disliking her advertising/PR job, she signed up for a one year Pilates Certification Program 
  • [18:36] Andrea began to add dance movements to her private pilates classes. In response, her clients loved it. This led her to launch several classes in the studio where she worked.
  • [20:47] A student asked Andrea if she would license XTEND Barre
  • [25:00] Andrea and Barbra give valuable advice on comparison while navigating the path you are on 
  • [26:54] Get excited about other people's success! Let it charge you instead of intimidating you
  • [32:29] How do you balance it all? This is a question that Andrea gets all the time, and she plans to formulate it 

Meet Andrea Rogers

Andrea is the creator and founder of XTEND, Inc. and has an extensive career as a professional dancer and choreographer. 
The story of XTEND began with the dreams of a woman from the Midwest. She was a dancer and a dreamer. A woman who wanted to bring movement to the world, quite literally. So she did. Understanding what makes XTEND unique begins with understanding the origins of the brand. Andrea Rogers was never quite content remaining still. Andrea developed her lifelong love of movement and esteemed career as a professional dancer and choreographer. 

First introduced to Pilates for its therapeutic benefits, Rogers soon became a comprehensive classical certified Pilates trainer, and in an effort to offer her clients variety, fun and increase fitness benefits, she created her own innovative fusion of core dance and Pilates fundamentals. The response from her clients was fast and fierce--they loved it, and they wanted more. Her clients began to see incredible results and Andrea was back in her element – moving, creating, dancing and dreaming. The XTEND brand grew organically. 

Women connected with the moves and felt compelled to share them in their communities. The movement was born and spread contagiously across the globe.