Season 1, Episode 3: Going Behind the Scenes of TV and Media with Amy Rosenblum

This week, Amy Rosenblum joins us to share how her broadcast career began, how she overcame any setbacks, and what valuable advice she learned along the way. Amy Rosenblum is an Emmy Award-winning TV Producer and media coach who has been in the broadcast business for over thirty years. She has worked with people such as Joan Rivers, Pat Collins, Maury, to name a few.

Amy takes us back to the beginning of her broadcast and media days, her college internship at Multimedia Channel 5. It was this internship that confirmed her love for TV. From there, she moved roles throughout TV while making sure to keep her professional relationships positive, even when things didn't work out. You never know what opportunities may arise in the future from your network. 

In This Episode:
  • [7:03] While in college, Amy applies to an internship position at Multimedia Channel 5, this is where she got started in broadcast and media 
  • [7:05] It was recommended to her by coworkers that she should be a talent coordinator 
  • [9:39] Amy lands a position as Pat Collins assistant 
  • [12:50] Gets offered a position at CBS news as an assistant. CBS was new and so diverse to her
  • [15:32] Amy earned the reputation that she could book important people for shows. This led to her being flown out for stories such as the hostage crisis in Germany 
  • [20:25 ] She worked in Los Angeles at the 1984 Olympics & produced the coverage for CBS This Morning 
  • [22:09] She leaves CBS to work for a talk show, “The Joan Rivers Show”.
  • [40:30] Amy became the senior producer of the 8:00 Hour

Meet Amy Rosenblum

Emmy Award winning TV Producer and media coach Amy Rosenblum has been a force in the broadcast business for over thirty years. Amy began her career at CBS news . While at CBS, Amy won an Emmy for a special report she produced with Dan Rather on “Women and AIDS”. Amy covered various breaking news stories and also produced the 1984 Summer Olympics for CBS This Morning.
After 7 years, Amy headed to the world of daytime talk. First stop was Senior Producer of “The Joan Rivers Show”. Ratings grew and Joan won a Daytime Emmy for Best Daytime Host. Next up was “The Sally Jessy Raphael Show”, where Amy spent seven years as the Co-Executive producer. During Amy’s time at the show, Sally’s numbers doubled. Up next the “Maury” show. Amy spent the next 7 years as Executive Producer of Maury; it was there that Amy caught the eye of NBC’s Jeff Zucker, who brought her to Today Show as Senior Producer of the 8 am hour. She later created the 10 am hour with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee. Amy is credited with pairing Kathie Lee and Hoda together for the 10 o'clock hour.