Season 1, Episode 7: We All Deserve To Thrive: How to Balance Entrepreneurship and Motherhood

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” L.R Knost. 
I’m eager to share this episode as it is all about perspective, choices and how to dive into opportunities under challenging circumstances.  Our conversation about taking control over your attitude and your actions will remind us all that we are in the drivers seat our own destiny.

Today on Baring it All, I'm talking to Erica Ligenza Gwynn, founder of the hit lifestyle blog, Coming Up Roses and host of the Thrive Podcast. Erica gives her listeners tactical tips to not just survive but thrive and this is premier brain food that we all need right now! This Philadelphia- based business owner, mom, and wife encourages women to own their true worth, take action, and pursue their purpose.

This motivational episode dives into the combination of entrepreneurship, relationships, and motherhood. Erica started her blog, Coming up Roses, as a creative outlet while attending college at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. After finding success in managing her blog, Erica created BossPitch, an online course that guides aspiring bloggers and social media influencers through finding and maintaining the right brand partnerships. As a business owner and mother, Erica brings up the realities of being a mother while trying to work full time. Although grateful to work from home while taking on household and parenting responsibilities, many mothers need to ask for help, yet feel guilty doing so. At the end of the day, we're all human. We need to recharge, and need to give ourselves fuel because we all deserve to thrive. 

In This Episode:
  • [24:21] Why Erica decided to create her podcast, titled THRIVE PODCAST. 
  • [25:30] You can choose to just keep on going through your every day and going through the motions and doing what you think you should be doing. You can actually take ownership of the choices that you do have in life, regardless of your circumstances or resources. 
  • [26:15] The actual reality of trying to work from home while raising a child is isolating and can cause tension in relationships.
  • [31:00] Erica had to have a conversation with her husband about raising her baby while  working full time from home. Balancing her full time job while having a newborn leads to frustration and unhappiness in a marriage. 
  • [46:36] Get out of your own way. You control the outcomes by controlling your actions, your choices, your decisions, your mindset.
  • [48:29] Erica’s book, Caffeinate Your Soul releases May 5th, it’s a mix between a personal development book, daily devotional, and coffee table book.

Meet Erica Ligenza Gwynn 

Erica Ligenza Gwynn is a one-woman blend of millennial chic, big heart, and savvy inspiration. As the founder of hit lifestyle blog Coming Up Roses, the Philadelphia-based business owner, mom, and wife covers every angle of modern young womanhood, from fashion and beauty to relationships and entrepreneurship. Determined to share what she’s learned, Erica also created BossPitch, an accessible online course that guides aspiring bloggers and social media influencers through finding and maintaining the right brand partnerships. Erica also dives into tactical tips to help others not just survive but thrive in life during her weekly THRIVE PODCAST. A motivational, hilarious, candid voice that hundreds of thousands of followers trust daily, she pushes women to see their true worth, take action, and savor their lives. Erica’s first book, CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 Monday Mantras, is due in early 2020.