Season 1, Episode 11: You Get More When You Give More

Today on Baring it All, I'm talking to Stef DeSatnick, the owner of one of the most successful yoga studios, Stone Harbor Yoga. She consistently sells out her classes and has now shifted into Zoom yoga sessions. Stef reminds us that it's essential to know your vision because it will be the thing that grounds you for your entire life.

In this uplifting and encouraging episode, Stef DeSatnick dives deep into her story and reveals why her divorce led her to do the challenging and necessary work. Despite having a lot of haters telling her to "get a real job," the universe showed up for Stef, and she was able to open her very own yoga studio. Stef's work ethic came from knowing that there was no other choice. Hitting rock bottom will either make you or break you. For Stef, she knew that there was no other option but to keep pushing harder and harder. Plus, Stef reveals the importance of true connectivity and why anything is possible when we let go of our past thoughts.

In This Episode:
  • [12:10] How Stef moved out of her comfort zone and opened her own yoga studio. 
  • [21:30] Why rock bottom was the motivation behind Stef’s work ethic.  
  • [26:40] How true connectivity with your community will result in professional success. 

Meet Stef DeSatnick

Stef DeSatnick has owned Stone Harbor Yoga in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, since 2014. She is a Fiancé, Daughter, and a Dog Mom to two French bulldogs. When she's not running her business, you can find her involved in the community, swimming, paddling, or practicing yoga.