Season 2, Episode 2: Pizza Manager to Multi-Billion Dollar CEO: An Interview With Todd Skelton

How does a man go from working at Pizza Hut and selling meat from the back of a van to selling a billion-dollar auto company? Todd Skelton was managing 17 Pizza Hut locations before age 30 when he made the bold move to switch to the car business. He focused on trust and transparency as he managed people and moved his way up. But when the business took a major blow, Todd had to push through to try and save the enterprise. You don’t want to miss today's inspiring story on the Baring It All podcast.

In This Episode:
  • [02:04] Todd talks about growing up and his first experiences making money. 
  • [06:33]  Todd finds early success as a Pizza Hut Manager.
  • [14:27] Todd’s journey in the car industry.
  • [29:57] Disaster strikes and the business took a major blow. 
  • [35:42] How Todd responded and exponentially grew the company to sell for more than a billion dollars.
  • [38:52] Todd’s current role and how to reach him.

  • Supporting your employees is key to earning their trust. Their trust is what keeps them loyal. Their loyalty is what makes the company.
  • It’s okay to want more and move on.  Keep chasing your dreams.
  • The path to success can be risky and require sacrifice.