Season 2, Episode 5 - Pitfalls of the American Dream with Grant Cardone

Unpopular opinion of the day: “Houses are a terrible investment.” Today, Grant Cardone joins to explain the pitfalls of the American Dream. Grant is an author, entrepreneur, and CEO/owner of multiple million-dollar companies. He shares his back story, where some people get stuck, and gives advice on investment. Tune in as Grant encourages you to keep striving, regardless of your age.

  • [02:09] Grant shares his backstory. 
  • [12:43] Moving on after recovery. 
  • [18:02] How Grant moved past the scarcity conservation mindset. 
  • [27:54] Unpopular opinion: houses are a terrible investment. 
  • [37:04]  Grant addresses the question, “how do you want to be remembered?”
  • [46:25] How to contact Grant.

  • You can achieve success and make money at any decade in your life. All is not lost if you don’t have it done in your 20s.
  • Being too conservative can be stifling. When you make money, don’t save it, invest it. 
  • Investing your money into assets that make you money is essential.


CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital, international speaker, entrepreneur, and author of The 10X Rule & creator of 21 bestselling business programs, Grant Cardone owns & operates seven privately held companies and a $3.6 billion portfolio of multifamily properties. Named the #1 marketer by Forbes Magazine, Cardone is also the founder of The 10X Movement & The 10X Growth Conference, the world’s largest business & entrepreneur conference.