Season 2, Episode 7 - Creating Your Own Destiny With Mega Successful Real Estate Investor Peter Siegel

Ultimate Goal: Create your own destiny. Peter Siegel has done just that!

Peter joins us today to discuss just how he mastered the real estate investment market! He is a mega-successful Entrepreneur and Investor in a wide variety of real estate. Peter talks about where his company is heading in the future, as well as the projection of the real estate market in 2023.

Tune in today to learn all from one of the best about the pros and cons of the real estate market, along with some excellent tips on becoming an Entrepreneur.

In This Episode:
  • [1:46] Peter Siegel introduces himself and discusses how he got to where he is today. 
  • [8:51] Why was telling the tenants that he lived in the building a wrong decision? 
  • [13:09] What does the next generation need to know about starting a business? 
  • [21:15] Where did Peter learn the most about real estate?
  • [24:40] What direction is Peter’s life going right now? 
  • [39:43] What things should people expect to arise when investing?
  • [38:34] What is Peter’s next goal with his business? 
  • [42:52] How does Peter want to be remembered? 

  • A great relationship with business is when everyone’s getting what they need.
  • Get comfortable talking about money. Learn what questions to ask. Get uncomfortable, develop the skill sets and muscles to ask for what you need, and plan out the information to present. Be a great communicator, and make the offer attractive. Just take that next step. No means next.

  • There will be a lot of opportunities to invest in real estate businesses coming around Spring 2023. Real Estate is very scalable. You can choose how far you take the real estate business.

  • You can either be in control or be at the mercy and be in a safer situation. Take risks!