Season 2, Episode 11 - Building An Asset-Based Future With Byron Holman

By pulling himself up by his bootstraps Byron Holman has become a successful real estate entrepreneur and he joins us today to discuss how you can benefit from his methods. Byron has trailblazed his way to being recognized as an industry leader and has always been a priceless resource to his social media followers by sharing his strategies and real estate knowledge. Byron and Barbara talk about his goals and his philosophy of life and business. Byron’s story will captivate you with its ups and downs and his tenacious personality. Tune in today to learn how to get started on your way to building an asset-based future.

In This Episode:
  • [2:20] Byron tells about his run-in with drugs, the start of his nursing profession, and why he left nursing to pursue real estate investing. 
  • [10:43) Byron sees his success in nursing and hospital administration but knew he could advance his career path in real estate even though it is a cyclical business. 
  • [15:00] Byron talks about the benefits of owning his wholesale company and he advises on starting a real estate investment portfolio. 
  • [24:00] In this economy where the financial future is unsure, Byron has tips on investing in this market. 
  • [33:00] Byron speaks about segregation within the black community and how social media has brought people back together. 
  • [39:19] How Byron would like to be remembered. 

  • You are better off with a steady income than making a large amount of money on deals in a volatile industry. This is why Byron is excited about his current venture; Build to Rent.
  • Buy at least one property every two years for just the down payment. Use your first property for a short-term rental. Someone else pays the rent on that asset and they pay the bills and invest in your retirement while you benefit from tax breaks.
  • Social media has created a platform where people of color living in poor communities can communicate with successful entrepreneurs of color. Just because an entrepreneur has left their neighborhood, they still have so much to offer in the way of alliances with people who may not socially gravitate toward or interact with each other’s circle.