Season 2, Episode 9-How Lisa Copeland Became A CEO In A Male-Dominated Industry And Built A Thriving Real Estate Business

How did Lisa Copeland become a CEO in a male-dominated industry and build a thriving real estate business? CEO Lisa Copeland joins us today to talk about the real estate market and how she has become a successful CEO and Business Owner of Exp Realty in Austin, TX. Lisa talks about her past in the automotive industry, the judgments of working as a woman in a male-dominated industry, and how she branched into the real estate world. Lisa is full of powerful tips on how to have a successful company and help others succeed. Tune in today to learn more about helping others win so you can win every time!

In This Episode:
  • [2:46] Lisa discusses how she got started in her industry.
  • [8:08] What was/is Lisa’s experience as a woman in the car industry?
  • [20:57] What is the 10X experience?
  • [28:53] How did Lisa shift from automotive to real estate?
  • [36:20] Why is real estate such a great industry to get into? 
  • [42:42] What is Lisa most proud of?

  • Build an infrastructure of people that you trust for advice.

  • Women need to stand up for each other and root for and support each other.
  • Play the long game, and take the high road. Be in it for the good of the company, the team, and the partners. If you help other people win, you will win every time.

  • Real Estate has no ceiling. You have the opportunity to make as much money as you want to make as long as you put the work into it.