Season 2, Episode 10 - Overcoming Stereotypes and Embracing Change with EVP Partner of NationMac Mortgage, Jonathan Bing

How did EVP Partner of NationMac Mortgage, Jonathan Bing defy the expectations placed on him because of his background? 
You might imagine that a man who spent two and a half years in jail would never make anything of himself, but that is definitely not the case with Jonathan Bing. 

He embraced change and pulled himself away from the drug business and into the home mortgage business. Learning many things through hard knocks Jonathan has come through it all as a strong, successful man. 

His determination to fulfill his dreams is an inspiration. Listen in as we follow Jonathan’s story from his difficult childhood to the man of character he has become today.

In This Episode:
  • [02:12] Jonathan admits that in high school he was a dreamer and wanted to do something great. 
  • [07:21] Jonathan’s father was not in his life, having another family,  but provided for the family financially. 
  • [9:39] Jonathan’s mother was the rock of the family and believed in taking care of her family and that was both a blessing and a curse. 
  • [11:33] Jonathan adopted the generous traits of his mother, but when the economy turned south in 2007/2008, it changed his way of thinking about generosity with family. 
  • [14:14]  Jonathan shares the ways he struggled when when the mortgage industry crashed and how he lost it all. 
  • [18:58] Jonathan drops out of college and begins selling illegal drugs and begins a downward spiral for a time. 
  • [23:00] The turn of events that stopped Jonathan’s downward spiral and changed his life. 
  • [36:30] How Jonathan embraced change rather than running from it. 
  • [42:19] Jonathan shares information about Cinch Business Academy which he founded. 

  • Don’t count anyone down and out whose roots are government housing; whose father abandons them for another family, and who went without electricity as a child from time to time.

  • When you become wealthy, being generous to your family can be a curse to them and to you as well. 

  • Make the move in your life that is uncomfortable.  You might think you don’t want to head in that direction, but It might lead to your dream. Embrace that change.