Season 2, Episode 1: Purpose-Driven Success

When life gets hard, keeping your purpose in mind can be the best motivation to keep going and succeed. Baring It All is back with a captivating second season. In this first episode, host Barbara Majeski shares her inspiring story with listeners. As a young teenager, Barbara discovered her passion for wanting to succeed in life and that purpose has pushed her ever since. She put herself through college, became an entrepreneur, and even beat cancer. Listen in and be inspired by this uplifting season-opener.

In This Episode:
  • [01:40] The reason behind the podcast
  • [04:37]  Barbara realizes her purpose for her entire life as a young teenager
  • [09:32] Although incredibly difficult, Barbara is self-sufficient and puts herself through college
  • [10:30] Barbara enters the workforce, refusing to accept the status quo
  • [18:36] A cancer diagnosis causes introspection
  • [22:14] How purpose has shaped Barbara’s entire life

  • Learn from other people who are successful in the ways you want to be successful or have what you want.
  • Find your purpose and go big, and then go bigger. Chase your dreams to their fullest potential. 
  • Use what you have learned to become an advocate for others.