Inside Edition Life Hacks


Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans and you need to think on the fly. Luckily, there are some hacks to help you.

Chill A Bottle of Wine in 5 Minutes


Its cocktail hour and you forget to chill the wine. Don’t panic! If you wrap the bottle in a moist paper towel and put it in the freezer for five minutes, it will get chilled. Now you can crack it open and have a perfect glass of wine!

A Fresh Slice of Pizza


Maybe you had pizza at dinner and the next day you want to eat it for leftovers. “We’ve all learned the hard way that if you don’t do it the right way it comes out soggy.”

Put the slice in the microwave for 30 seconds along with a glass of water. It’s like a fresh slice of pizza!

Easy way to light a candle


What if your favorite candle burns so low that you can’t reach the wick with a typical lighter? By using a dry piece of spaghetti as an extra-long match will do the job.

Finding the end of the tape


Finding the end of rolls of tape is another one of life’s little annoyance. Save a few tabs from loaves of bread and put them under the tape. That way, you will always have a starter tab.

iPhone Entertainment System


Did you know you can make your own iPhone entertainment system?! Cut an X into two Solo Cups and a hole into a paper towel tube. Insert the tube into the cups and the phone into the tube to create an instant party.

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