Super Bowl Blast

This year, the San Francisco 49’ers go against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl! For those of us who aren’t going to Miami for the game, I’ve got some amazing party tips for you to bring the stadium energy to your home! My favorite thing to do is to source products that are made locally, so I’ve pulled the best food and drinks from KC and SF!



Gold Rush Martini

San Francisco is the birth place of the martini. Originally named the Martinez Special during the era of the gold rush. Add some San Francisco flare with, St. George Gin distilled right in the Bay Area, making it a true Gold Rush Martini.I ditched the regular martini glass and opted for these low ball martini glasses from Crate and Barrel.


  • 2 oz St. George Terroir Gin

  • 1 oz dry vermouth

  • 2 dashes orange bitters

    Preparation: Stir all ingredients with ice a mixing glass, then strain into a chilled coupe. Float a sage leaf on top to garnish.


Burnt Ends Bloody Mary

Nothing screams Kansas City more than a spicy Bloody Mary garnished with authentic Burnt Ends straight from KC’s award winning BBQ company, Meat Mitch. Making this a true Kansas City spirit by adding the local favorite Toms Town Distillery Vodka

Combine the following ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 10 seconds:

  • 2 oz Toms Town vodka

  • 1/4 oz Worcestershire sauce

  • 1/2 lemon, juiced

  • 2 oz tomato juice (or more, depending on your taste)

  • Dash of fresh cracked black pepper

  • Meat Mitch Burnt Ends to garnish



Snack Stadium

The snack stadium is a super bowl party MUST! We sourced this idea from Delish and added some authentic Kansas City and San Francisco favorites to bring the big game into the home! Representing KC we have Boulevard Beer and from SF Anchor Brewery. And the must have cheese ball recipe is from the Mastercook Blog.


Field Goal Water Cooler 

All you need is a water cooler, turf, spray paint, and some PVC pipe. This is so simple and it really adds to your décor making your party next level! Cover the cooler with the turf and add the “yard lines” then spray paint your PVC pipe yellow and assemble it to look like a field goal. Once you’ve assembled it you can add your water bottles and let your guests have a water break whenever they need!



Food Flags 

Food flag are must on any table so that guests know exactly what they’re getting! These are so simple. Mini chalkboards from Michael’s and Chiefs and 49ers stickers from Amazon. I suggest using a white chalk marker - it makes it so much easier to write instead of standard chalk.


Door Decor

You want your guests to all feel like they’re making an entrance at your party. This banner is so simple. Take long construction or butcher paper and draw your design. Or you can make a design on your computer and take it to FedEx to print to the size of your door. Once it’s been designed/ printed, take your scissors and cut strips starting from the bottom and repeat until you’ve made “streamers” out of the whole design. Use Command Strips to tape the streamers to the door jam as they won’t leave a mark when they are removed. Your guests will get to walk through the streamers and will set the tone for a really fun party!



Make your guests feel at home with this “Home Sweet Mahomes” doormat! This is a great way to get the party started right when they walk in the door AND who doesn’t love a good pun?!


Boudins Best Clam Chowder Sourdough Bowls

This delicious recipe from the Gourmet Gourmand will make all of your guests happy as a clam! San Francisco is known for their sourdough bread bowls and we got ours from Boudin Bakery – the best in San Fran!


Mini Mission Burritos

These mini burritos from The Girl Who Ate Everything are great for your party! They are so easy to make and even add to your décor. Just wrap each burrito in butcher paper and draw on laces to make it look like a football!



Meat Mitch Ribs

These ribs will have your guests going back for seconds all night long. Award winning KC BBQ Meat Mitch ships across the world. They are finger licking good…but make sure to have some wet wipes too just in case. Just wrap the ribs in foil and pop them in the oven for 35 minutes and you’re set!


Team Helmets:

I bought wooden helmets from Michaels and stickers from Amazon to add some extra decor to my food display! I used red spray paint and my favorite part of these helmets was that I used my kids old toys to create a “kickstand” so that they would stay on the table!





Piggies in a Pigskin

There’s nothing cuter than pigs in a blanket and whether you decide to use store bought or make your own recipe – this one is all about the display! Fake wheat grass and foam core can be bought at any craft store and they will add an extra fun “football” feel to your pigs in a blanket!




San Francisco Cake Pops

Cake pops straight from San Fran’s very own Kara’s Cupcakes are a great sweet treat to end your night! The football field display is made from foam core, green felt, popsicle sticks and letter stickers. You can never have too many football fields at your super bowl party! By using styrofoam, artificial turf paper, white “Varsity font” letter stickers and white tape we were able to kick it out of the park for food decor!



Donut Wall

The football field donut wall is going to be the biggest hit of your party. Doubling as dessert and décor, the donut wall is not only delicious but your guests will be instagramming and boomeranging with it all night! A basic peg board from Home Depot, wooden pegs, spray paint, white numbers and tape. Start with hunter green spray paint. After drying, use thin tape and letter stickers from Michaels to make it look like the field. To bring some extra KC flair we used a Kansas City staple, Donutology and they customized some x amp; o donuts.





Super Bowl Bingo

This game is great for all – there are plenty of free printouts online like this one from Bright Color Mom and local party stores also have them available! We decided to put a twist on the classic commercial bingo and just do an overarching Super Bowl Bingo Board so you can play throughout the whole game! You can really use anything as your “bingo chips” I suggest using skittles, popcorn, sweet tarts or if you want to get a little extra with it – print out pictures of your favorite players and use them as your chips!


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