Barbara is always open to forging meaningful partnerships with brands that align with her mission of living a life filled with style, purpose, and adventure. With a dynamic presence across multiple platforms, Barbara offers a multitude of opportunities.

Whether it's an engaging social media campaign, a compelling television feature, a dedicated newsletter segment, or affiliate links on her website, Barbara can help your brand reach a broad, engaged audience. 

She brings authenticity and passion to every collaboration, ensuring your brand values are communicated effectively.




Promotional Partnerships

Barbara looks forward to exploring potential collaborations and bringing your brand into her world of the good life. Whether it's showcasing your products on TV or featuring them on social media, Barbara will inspire and empower more people to live their best lives.

TV Appearances

 As a seasoned TV personality, Barbara is ready to bring her unique blend of charm, wit, and expertise to your news segment, captivating audiences as she effortlessly promotes and highlights the best cocktails, crafts, and curated gifts in front of the camera. 

Keynote Speaker

When you invite Barbara to share your stage, she brings class, wit, passion, and expertise to deliver compelling presentations for audiences worldwide, exploring and sharing ways to live life with purpose, style, and adventure.

Igniting Inspiration and Empowering Audiences Worldwide

Barbara seamlessly blends class, wit, passion, and expertise, elevating her partnerships and speaking engagements beyond the ordinary. Infusing the stage with high energy, expert insights, and a straightforward style, she brings an unparalleled vibrancy to every presentation. Committed to delivering compelling talks worldwide, Barbara unravels the secrets to living with purpose, style, and adventure. Her presentations leave the audience captivated, inspired, and ready to embark on their own journeys of purpose and adventure. 



Topics I Love to Speak About

Reinventing Yourself After Adversity - I'm passionate about sharing insights on personal growth and resilience.  I dive into the transformative journey of overcoming challenges, emphasizing resilience, adaptability, and the power of self-discovery.

Sabotage to Success -  I unravel the intricacies of turning setbacks into triumphs, drawing from my own experiences. I share strategies to navigate obstacles, transform sabotage into opportunities, and emerge stronger on the path to success. 

Strategies for Optimizing Your Full Potential - Serving as a beacon of inspiration, I explore practical insights and offer motivational guidance to unlock personal and professional growth, fostering a mindset of continuous improvement. 

Leadership and Team Building -  I bring my wealth of knowledge with a focus on effective communication, collaboration, and fostering a positive work culture, I provide invaluable strategies to enhance leadership skills and cultivate strong, cohesive teams. 

Explore Partnership Opportunities

Reach out to discuss how a partnership could mutually benefit your brand and Barbara's audience. Through collaboration, let's inspire more people to live their best life with style, purpose, and adventure. Barbara looks forward to exploring potential synergies and bringing your brand into her world of the good life.