Today Show: Socially Distant Fourth of July Party


Just because summer has a few new rules doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Ideas to host a social distancing Fourth of July party for all of your friends and family to enjoy!

Individual Sanitizers

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The new normal is outdoor parties and sanitation stations! Give your guests these cute mini hand sanitizers and bug spray bundles as they enter your party. These can be purchased at Target in the travel sized aisle and your guests will be so grateful to be protected from germs and mosquitos!

USA Face Masks


Adorable adult and kids facemasks from Locked Down Designs. Based out of Philadelphia - a great way to support local businesses!

Social Distance Stars



These stars in your backyard are a great way to physically show your guests where they should sit to keep everyone 6ft apart! Using spray chalk and a stencil, make stars in your backyard or driveway or open lot that are all spaced 6ft apart.

Supplies needed:




Spray chalk

Tape Measure

How To: First take your large piece of cardboard and draw a large star on it. Cut out your star and use it as a stencil. Using your tape measure to space the stars 6ft apart, lay down the stencil, grab your spray chalk and create the perfect star on your grass!

Personal Picnic Baskets


Dollar store individual meal baskets are an inexpensive way to serve a delicious meal for your guests. Buffets are not en vogue this 4th of July but enjoying a meal with friends while adhering to social distance protocols is in style. Each small dollar store basket includes individually wrapped sandwiches from D’Angelos (you can use any local deli in your area!), individual condiments, a bag of chips, and Individual salads in a cup!


DIY Cookie Kit


Celebrations in the kitchen cookie decorating kit! A great way to get your kids involved in the party prep and come on - these are the cutest cookies ever!

Individual Drinks


Limit cross contamination by choosing drinks that require no bottle openers or sharing mixers. Drinks like Arctic Summer hard seltzers and Crook and Marker seltzers and Athletic Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic beer!

Kids Activities

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Fireworks may be cancelled in some places but that doesn’t mean the fun is too! Each child will receive a sand pail filled with activities and treats! Silly string, flags, glow sticks, fun fourth of July headbands, Personalized Tie Dye shirts and of course candy - this adorable custom candy is from Lana Nicole Events.

Eco Flying Lanterns

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 10.49.49 AM.png

Just because the fireworks are cancelled doesn’t mean the memories can’t be equally as wonderful with these eco lanterns. Memorial, spiritual and fun… Flying Lanterns are a great alternative and are a symbol of hope, dreams and opportunity! They are even eco friendly. You can look up local stores in your area to see if anyone sells them, or you can go on Amazon where there is a large selection!

Bike / Wagon Parade Decor

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