Easy Tips for Halloween at Home

Halloween looks a bit different this year. Whether you are hanging with friends or celebrating at home, you can still keep the kiddos entertained with some fun games and treats. With a little hot glue and some basic supplies you can create a Halloween party that will delight both kids young and old.


This year I turned my backyard into game stations so kids could interact and play while still maintaining an appropriate social distance. I created the details of the stations days in advance in my garage so that I could easily pull them out for the party day and get the stations assembled. No difficult set ups here!

One of my favorite games is Poke a Pumpkin. You can set this up on any card table in your backyard. The materials and fabrication are super easy and the neighborhood kids always love getting surprised by the treats or toys inside.

Poke a Pumpkin Materials:

black tri fold foam board

fun sparkly letters

24 paper cups (could use more or less depending on size you want)

orange and green tissue paper



rubber bands

hot glue gun

coordinating tablecloth (I purchased my orange amp; black one from Homegoods.)


Fill each cup with candy or small toys. Cover each cup with orange tissue paper and secure with a rubber band. Hot glue the bottom of each filled cup to the black foam board with enough cups to make a pumpkin shape. Accent with the sparkly letters and green tissue paper and other Halloween themed notions to finish off your “pumpkin”. This little fella below pulled out some vampire teeth as his treat, and all of the kids love the surprise of this game.

All of my fun games are featured on my TODAY show segment, and you can watch it HERE:

The most important thing is to use some basic materials and your creativity to pull off a fun Halloween at home. The neighborhood kids loved the scavenger hunt, mummy wrap, and sack races below to round out the stations.

AND— let’s not forget that Halloween season is one of my favorite times of the year to make fun themed food treats. From creepy eyeballs to franken-mummy hotdogs themed food really helps you celebrate the holiday all month long leading up to Halloween. Watch my fun tutorial to create super simple Witches Fingers as a grab amp; go snack.

Witches Fingers Ingredients:

1 bag, large Stick Pretzels

1 bag, White Chocolate Melts

Green Food Dye

Almond Slivers

Green Sparkle Gel by Wilton

Here’s to wishing you a wonderful Halloween season!

XO, Barbara

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