Season 1, Episode 1: Meet Barbara Majeski

What does it mean to live a good life?

Welcome to Baring It All where we'll explore what it means to live a good life. In this podcast, we'll peel back the layers in life with the hope and understanding that people will do the same. We'll uncover how to live with purpose, style, and adventure.

I named this podcast Baring It All because it's all about being authentic, being real, bare, and not living up to these societal expectations of perfection or maybe what our parents or friends impose upon us.
Are you eager to grow, learn and explore the trappings of what it means to live the good life? Join me to find out what makes successful people tick in a way you’ve never heard before. The conversations are transparent, authentic and real.

I'll be interviewing celebrities, social influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. What is their backstory? I don't want to only see a highlight reel. I want to hear how they got there, why they got there, and how they overcame all the setbacks. I am going to get down to the basics of why they chose to do what they're doing, how they overcame setbacks, what they're going for right now. We're going to get real. 

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