Season 1, Episode 17: Providing Inspiration and Hope

Today on Baring It All, I'm talking to Karey Stevenson, wife, mother of two, and executive board member of the Gentry Foundation: Foundation for Autism. In this episode, Karey walks us through one of her daughter's autism diagnosis and therapy path. Her motherly instincts told Karey knew she needed to get early intervention for her daughter, Sienna. You'll learn why early intervention is so necessary and how that has helped her daughter today. We talk about how the Gentry Foundation raises money to provide scholarships to families seeking a professional diagnosis of autism.

In This Episode:
  • [3:53] A mother’s intuition 
  • [15:44] What is autism 
  • [18:09] Thriving in first grade and where Sienna is now
  • [20:20] About the Gentry Foundation and how the foundation helps others 
  • [24:33] The Gentry Foundation scholarship 
  • [30:46] What is ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) 

Meet Karey Stevenson
Karey Stevenson has had an exciting early career as a host, model, and actress and more recently parlayed those experiences and skills into running a successful sales and marketing company. However, her biggest accomplishment, and one that she is most proud of, is her role as “Mommy.” Having been together for 17 years, she is happily married to the love of her life, John. Together they have put down roots here in Arizona, and for the last 5 years they are happy to call it home. Karey and John have two beautiful daughters who are their pride and joy!

Autism has personally impacted their family, and largely due to an early diagnosis and early intervention, they have made tremendous progress. Karey joins The Gentry Foundation as a Board Member to be able to assist and inspire other families on their journey and provide hope that they too can benefit from early intervention to achieve the same success.