Season 2, Episode 3 - How Delayed Gratification Set Entrepreneur Jerry Malcolm Up For Long Term Success

Jerry Malcolm understands how to fight for himself and achieve his goals. In today’s inspirational episode, Jerry recalls his journey of staying true to himself and overcoming adversity. From humble beginnings, he avoided the gangs that surrounded him and leaned into himself and kickboxing. His determination and ability to fight for delayed gratification allowed him to become an entrepreneur and real estate investor by his early 20s. Listen in as Jerry shares his story of triumph, keys to focusing on your own programming, and hear valuable advice for success.

In This Episode:
  • [02:54] Jerry shares his backstory and how he overcame stereotypes. 
  • [07:53] Jerry gives advice for young adults with similar upbringings. 
  • [14:04] How Jerry had the courage to make big life decisions. 
  • [21:59] Intelligence should not be categorized by the amount of higher education, success can look different for everyone. 
  • [37:44]  Jerry expands on where he sees himself in five years. 
  • [41:00] An excellent analogy about programming an iPad to your own desires. 
  • [43:39] Jerry shares how he would like to be remembered.

  • In this age of instant gratification, one important skill to learn is delayed gratification or playing the long game. Be persistent in working towards your goals. 
  • Put yourself around people you want to be like. Don’t be intimidated by their success, be inspired by it, and learn from it.
  • You have to program your life for yourself. For example, on an iPad, you only have so much storage, so you choose the apps that mean something to you. You delete what you don’t use and back up the programs that you use everyday. Your iPad mirrors you. It wouldn’t be helpful to have someone else’s, you need your own programs. Life is the same.