Season 2, Episode 6 - How The NBA Taught Jordan Cornette To Seize Opportunity And Become A Successful ESPN Host

The NBA was his to take, but Jordan Cornette had a vision for his long game. Jordan Cornette has always loved the broadcasting aspect of sports and now hosts multiple ESPN shows. He joins us today to talk about the journey to living his dream, the inspiration he draws from his brother, and what is to come. Tune in and be inspired to treat every opportunity like the biggest game or biggest show.

In This Episode:
  • [03:24] Jordan talks about living his dream at JAM. 
  • [07:16] How Jordan got into broadcasting. 
  • [15:44] Playing the long game as opposed to taking the easy path. 
  • [24:10] How the death of Jordan’s brother impacted him. 
  • [33:07] How to support the foundation. 
  • [36:05] What’s to come for Jordan Cornette. 

  • Treat every opportunity like it is a big deal, the Super Bowl, the hit show, or the end game. Always give all the effort.
  • Trust yourself. Input from loved ones is important, but it is important to stay true to yourself and make decisions for your own future.
  • Play the long game. It can look shiny to take the easy path in front of you but work hard towards the long game and it can save you time.